Thakur Tea Classic 250gm


The product includes: tea packet [ 250GM ]

Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Country of Origin – India

THAKUR TEA founded in 1979 is based totally on the idea of a dream first expected a few years back through the NEERAJ TRADING CO once they entered into a small business , in the beautiful city of PUNJAB. Coming from the ones humble beginnings, is one in all. In some cities of PUNJAB THAKUR TEA have their own identity and people also loves the flavour of Thakur Tea Classic
This percent of rich-tasting espresso via way of means of thakur Tea is one of the maximum famous teas in cities of Punjab . It is made with 70% ASSAM CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) and 30% DOOARS TEA to provide you the greatest tasting tea withinside the country. There aren’t any synthetic components or flavours added, making it a remarkable preference for the ones seeking out an all factor
Whether you`re feeling below the climate or confused due to your stressful schedule, this soothing tea may be your nice bet. People who’ve experience this Thakur Tea Premium 250gm , survey the best aroma in this tea.

every cup of thakur tea is enriched with purity, genuine flavor and a signature aroma that awakens the spirits!

Thakur Tea Classic

THAKUR TEA are most desirable tea logo in all areas. The call for for THAKUR TEA in PUNJAB, it’s far easily to be had to your vicinity in any nearby store. Otherwise, you may additionally buy from on-line purchasing websites like Amazon

The product includes: tea packet {250 gm}
Tea is hermetically-sealed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.
Country of Origin – India
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